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RésoSanté Colombie-Britannique


Following up on the mandate received from its members in November 2001, the Fédération des francophones de la Colombie-Britannique submitted a proposal to Société santé en français (SSF) to create a sectoral table on French-language health services in British Columbia. SSF is a nation-wide health cooperation network ensuring concerted efforts to improve French-language health services. One of its top priorities is to provide financial and technical support for the creation of networks in each province and territory where francophones are in the minority. There currently are 17 such networks in Canada. RésoSanté incorporated in January 2013.
« While there is strong international evidence that language barriers present obstacles to healthcare access, quality and safety, little research has been conducted on the experience of official language minorities in Canada. […] The majority of Francophones surveyed reported limited access to French language services and described an environment where low importance is given to addressing language barriers within the health system. Even when services are available, the lack of services in French sometimes results in avoidance of care. Results confirm that many Francophones face similar barriers to care as other language minorities in Canada. Strategies to improve access for official language minorities are discussed.«
Impact of language barriers on access to healthcare for official language minority Francophones in Canada



Based on beliefs of respect, diversity, equity, and accessibility, in a spirit of partnership and dialogue, RésoSanté Colombie-Britannique supports the development, integration, and sustainability of French-language health services throughout BC. RésoSanté proposes, develops and supports the implementation of strategies; promotes French-language health services; ensures the sharing of information; promotes awareness and involvement of the francophone population; and proposes and facilitates research on French-language health services in BC.

Members and partners of RésoSanté

Community representation: La Boussole francophone community center in VancouverThe Fédération des parents francophones de Colombie-Britannique (Francophone parents Federation), the Conseil scolaire francophone (Francophone Education Authority of BC) and the Société francophone de Victoria (francophone association in Victoria) and the Association francophone of Surrey (francophone association in Surrey). Institutional representation: One representative each from the Foyer Maillard, a bilingual care home for the elderly, Vancouver Island Health Authority, the Centre Médical Francophone de Vancouver. Health professionals: Sébastien Payan, nurse ; Katrina Ward, med student at UBC and Dr. Vladimir Marquez, general practicionner. Governments: One representative each from Health Canada and the BC Ministry of Health Services. Educational institutions: Collège Éducacentre representing college level health training programs and Dr Brett Schrewe representing UBC.

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RésoSanté Activities

You can find out about our activities (in french) in our annual report.


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