Le système immunitaire de votre bébé et les vaccins (Anglais)

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What is the immune system and how does it work ?

You may have heard about viruses and bacteria, often called germs. Some germs that enter your baby’s body can make your baby very sick.

From birth, the immune system protects your baby from harmful germs. Your baby’s immune system is made of organs and cells that work together to protect them.

Two important parts of the immune system are antibodies and memory cells. Antibodies help kill harmful germs. Memory cells help the immune system respond quickly to an infection and prevent disease.

How does a vaccine work ?

Vaccines help your baby’s immune system to make antibodies without your baby getting the disease.

Vaccines also allow your baby’s immune system to make memory cells. After vaccines are given,

memory cells will protect against harmful germs for a long time. For example, after your child gets the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, they develop memory cells to protect them against these diseases long after their immunization.

Can my baby get more than one vaccine at a time ?

Yes. Your baby’s immune system is amazing. Every day from birth, a baby’s body defends itself against thousands of germs. Germs are in the air, food, water, and on objects.

Getting more than one vaccine at the same time does not wear out the immune system. Only a very small part of your baby’s immune system is used for a short time even when your baby gets several vaccines.


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